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V2400LL Load Lock Sputter System

In summation the V2400LL load lock deposition system offers the following features and options:


  • +/- 1.0% deposition uniformity over a single 4-inch wafer.
  • +/- 3.0% deposition uniformity over a single 8-inch wafer
  • 8-inch wafer processing or smaller sizes.
  • Four 8-inch diameter target positions.
  • Full automation of the load/unload sequence to and from the load & process chambers.
  • Multi-wafer processing, up to six wafers can be processed between venting.
  • Unique local rotation and oscillating substrate stage with both speed and angle adjustment control using servo motor and encoder for accurate positioning and fine tuning the uniformity for different wafer sizes. With the following options:
  • Substrate Heating up to 600OC
  • Substrate cooling <50OC
  • RF Etch & Bias facility to 600W whilst rotating and oscillating
  • Upstream process pressure and flow control for up to four process gas using positive shutoff mass flow control valves, throttling gate valve and a 0-1 Torr Baratron transducer.
  • DC, Pulsed DC & RF power supply options
  • Co-Deposition facility
  • Reactive deposition control using a gas controller with plasma emission monitoring, measuring light intensity & wave length
  • Automatic multi-layer deposition control.
  • Full front opening access service door to the process chamber allowing unhindered access to the chamber fixtures and shielding for service and cleaning
  • Easy to use software programming control and system status displays via the touch screen PC
  • Multiple user levels (Operator, process engineer & Service Engineer modes)
  • Option to have through the wall connection with classes ISO 5 to ISO 7 standard cleanrooms
V2400ll Load Lock Sputter System
V2400ll Load Lock Sputter System Manufacturers in the UK.
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