Scientific Vacuum Systems Limited

Bespoke Vacuum Systems

One of SVS’ main strengths is its ability to design systems around specific processes required by the customer. SVS often work closely with their clients to deliver practical solutions to difficult process requirements. Please see on the right-hand side a couple of examples of completed projects.
Vacuum Coating Machine custom designed for quality and care.
Custom vacuum coating system designed to specific customer requests.
We design special systems unique to the customer requirement for vacuum coating system machines.
8 Port Vacuum Test Bench for PVD coating. Specialists for custom vacuum coating systems.
8 Port Vacuum Test Bench
This picture is of a fully automated 8 port vacuum test bench complete with datalogging software, built to leak test SEM Analyser heads as part of a quality control procedure to replace a manually operated labour intensive system.
Custom Vacuum coating system machine, individually designed for the customer purpose.
Electron Beam Evaporation System

This picture shows an Electron Beam Evaporation System designed to coat the inside of an 8-inch diameter hemispherical substrate, which had to be heated to 650oC whilst rotating.

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