DCMS30 Razor Blade Deposition System

Razor Blade Coating

The DCMS30 Deposition System is designed to coat the edges of razor blades with coatings of a variety of single or combination of materials depending on the target materials installed. The system is designed to handle batches of 90,000 double edged (DE) blades (or 180,000 Single Edge (SE)) with a total process time of <30 minutes air to air. The system can readily be adapted to deposit a variety of materials including Chromium, Tungsten, Titanium & other refractory metals & their nitrides.

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Razor Blade Deposition System

The system is designed to be robust, reliable & easy to operate using semi-skilled operators. This system also has the added facility of an etch/clean of the blades prior to deposition to remove oxides & water vapour from the surface of blade edges.  

The system is pumped using a 1500 l/sec cryo-pump backed by a 210m³/hr roots /rotary pump combination for fast roughing & high vacuum pumping speeds. The cryo has a hot gas Nitrogen purge for fast regeneration cycles to minimise maintenance downtimes.

The substrate table holds 30 rotatable biased bayonets, each bayonet will hold up to 3,000 double edge blades or 6,000 SE blades (0.1mm thick blades) giving a total capacity of 90,000 DE or 180,000 SE blades per run.

The system employs 2 rectangular unbalanced magnetron cathodes mounted on a central rotary services housing for sequential sputtering operations. The cathode target assembly will rotate 360 degrees whilst sputtering to coat all the blade stacks uniformly, providing 15% uniformity over the whole blade stack. The magnetrons have clamp-on targets allowing the sputter targets to be changed within 30 minutes without breaking vacuum seals.

Advantages of the design

Target material can be thicker giving longer target life - up to 6 months between target changes.
With Chrome/Platinum targets the composition of the coating will remain constant.
A variety of target materials can be sputtered using DC pulse magnetron sputtering.
Techniques allowing you to keep pace with evolving technology changes.
Sputter rate up to 10 times faster than conventional triode or RF operation, giving faster deposition cycle times.
Superior uniformity of coating over the whole blade stack.
Sputtering machine specialist. Designing and building sputtering machines in the UK. The best engineers in the industry.
Sputtering deposition machines designed and built in the UK. Designed to be robust, reliable and easy to operate.
Sputtering deposition machine which coats razor blades by sputtering onto the stainless steel blades.
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