Inert & Reactive ion beam deposition systems

Ion Beam Sputtering Systems

Ion Beam Sputtering Systems are available in single or dual ion beam source configurations. Sputter deposition in its simplest format, the ion beam sputtering deposition system is equipped with a single ion source, the beam of which is aimed at a cooled sputtering target.
A rotating substrate fixture is provided to intercept the sputtered material.
This process has major advantages in its ability to provide very dense, fine grain structured thin films, of both metal and dielectric materials and is typically carried out at much lower pressures than conventional DC or RF sputtering.
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Ion Beam Sputtering Deposition Systems

ViB General System features and options:

The system may be further enhanced by adding a second ion source which is aimed at the substrate. This permits very efficient substrate pre-cleaning to be carried out immediately prior to deposition. In addition, this second ion source may be operated during the deposition process, for further density enhancement of thin film properties, or may be used with reactive gases for creation of oxide or nitride films. Another advantage of this process is that it often eliminates the need for substrate heating.

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