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Ion Beam Milling Systems

To address the worldwide market requirements for Ion Beam Milling and Deposition Systems, Scientific Vacuum Systems Ltd have formed partnerships with several suppliers of KRI range of DC and RF Ion sources. Our organisations combine many years of experience in Ion Beam and Deposition Systems process knowledge and systems design.

We are one of the UK leading designers and manufacturers for ion beam milling systems. 

Our Ion Beam Systems range from R&D through to medium and large scale batch production units, incorporating the latest Ion Source designs and technology.


Our standard range of ion beam systems along with further details on available features are listed below

ViB 400
R&D System with 10cm diameter Rotary Cooled Stage (4cm DC & RFICP source options)
ViB 1600
Small Batch System with 15cm diameter Rotary Cooled Stage (4/8/10/12/14cm DC/RFICP source options)
ViB 2000
Medium Batch System with 20cm diameter Rotary Cooled Stage or 8”x 4 or 8”x 3 Planetary (16cm DC & 20cm RFICP source options)
ViB 3000
Large Batch Production System with 20cm x 6 Planetary Cooled Stage (30cm RFICP source)

ViB Series ion source options:

DC Gridded Kaufman designed Ion source sizes available up to 16cm with a wide choice of patented self-aligning grid optics. LFN plasma bridge neutralisation or hollow cathode neutralisation are offered as options.

RF Gridded Kaufman designed Ion source sizes available up to 30cm with a wide choice of patented self-aligning grid optics. LFN Plasma bridge neutralisation is provided as standard with the RFICP source for filamentless operation in reactive gas environments.

DC gridless high current, low energy Kaufman designed ion sources able to deliver exceptional high current over a wide area. Fully reactive gas compatible and are available in standard filament or hollow cathode filamentless versions.

ViB General System features and options:

Local rotation, tilt/rocking facility and ‘Z’ translation of the substrate stage for fine tuning the geometry and uniformity.
Careful system design and geometry with a wide choice of Ion sources and grid optics enables etch uniformities of < +/- 3% are routinely achieved.
Efficient system pumping using either cryo or turbomolecular pumps with dry backing pump options.

Highly efficient cooling of the wafer temperature below 50oC during the most aggressive Ion Beam milling processes, safeguarding thermally sensitive substrates and photoresist materials.

For higher pumping speeds a Polycold water vapour pump can be optionally installed.
Full system automation using an industrial PLC with 15-inch colour touch screen industrial PC, providing clear animated displays of system status with user friendly operating software, recipe creation, storage and selection.
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