Company Highlights

Scientific Vacuum Systems Ltd are scientific equipment providers including PVD equipment. Established in 1990, SVS have been providers of scientific equipment to a vast range of industries across the world.

Researchers at South Bank University have currently achieved 12% efficient CIGS solar cells on 30cm x 30cm glass substrates and are confident of achieving 18% within the next 12 months.

Company History

Thin Film Deposition Equipment

June 2014
SVS complete the build of the CIGS pilot production deposition system for CIGS solar cells and named it the ‘Quantum 2010’. The system was handed to researchers at Brunel University to start the development of the process.

Magnetron Sputtering Systems

November 2012
SVS design an e2000LL loadlock electron beam and Ion Beam Milling system designed to cool the substrate below 50ºC during the most aggressive evaporation and milling processes.

Vacuum Coating Technology

May 2008
SVS in collaboration with Loughborough University are awarded a £740K BERR grant to design and develop a pilot production deposition system for Copper Indium Gallium Selenide (CIGS) solar cells employing the most complex, yet most efficient 3 stage process.

2007 - June
SVS in collaboration with Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum Ltd supplied the vacuum pumping system for the UK Orion Laser project, one of the largest laser facilities in the world. SVS’ role within this project was to supply the software control system for the vacuum chambers and pipelines, which included controlling 84 turbo pump sets from 14 different control zones connected to a main pumping group controller. This project took 3 years to complete.
1997 - January
SVS launch the new V6000 range of Electron Beam and Sputter systems for research.
V6000 Electron Beam Sputter systems.
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