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Sputter Systems for Production

V2000 Range of Production Sputter Systems

SVS offers a wide range of sputtering equipment for production facilities.

The V2000 series are offered in the following sputtering configurations:

  • Side Sputter (V2000)
  • Sputter down (V2400)
  • Sputter up (V2600)
  • Loadlock Inline sputter system (V2800)
  • Large Area Inline loadlock sputter system (V2900)

Each system is individually configured around the requirements of the end user. The systems take advantage of the latest technology, with a wide range of available options:

  • Wet/Dry 1st stage pumping (application dependent)
  • Turbo or Cryo pumps for high vacuum stages
  • DC (straight & pulsed), RF Sputtering and co-deposition
  • Wide range of substrate sizes from 3-inch wafers to 1 metre square panels
  • High accuracy multiple process gas-admittance system
  • Ion assisted deposition
  • Substrate etch & bias (RF/DC)
  • Substrate heating/cooling
  • Automated Loadlock entry systems
  • All systems are controlled by a PLC based Control System, via a built-in industrial PC or Human-Machine Interface (HMI)
  • Datalogging of all major process parameters

All systems are clean room compatible.

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