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Confocal Sputtering Systems For Research

SVS's V6000 range of confocal sputter systems for research mirrors the production range. Featuring the same quality of design & components the V6000 research coaters are ideal for single wafer processing for universities and research laboratories.

Many options are available for the V6000 confocal sputter systems including:

  • Wet/dry roughing pump options from 20 to 110
  • Turbo/Cryo high vacuum pumping options from 400 ltrs.sec-1 to 2,200 ltrs.sec-1
  • Deposition monitoring & control
  • Ion Beam milling and Ion assisted deposition
  • 2, 3, 4 or 6-inch diameter confocal sputter magnetron target options
  • Sputter-up or sputter-down configuration
  • Designed to process a single 6-inch wafer or smaller multiple wafers
  • DC, DC pulse, HIPIMS and RF sputter power supply options
  • Substrate rotation up to 50rpm
  • Substrate heating to 800oC or
  • Substrate cooling below 50oC during the most aggressive deposition processes
  • RF etch and biasing facility of substrate up to 600W including rotation, heating or cooling.
  • Baratron transducer pressure measurement of the process gas.
  • Multiple process gases for reactive deposition using positive shut-off mass flow controllers.
  • Up or downstream pressure control.
  • Full system automation with colour touch screen pc and PLC control.
  • Datalogging of all major process parameters
  • loadlock entry system for single or multiple wafer processing
  • Glovebox connection options.
  • Full CE marked.


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