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Razor Blade Accessories

WSL 367 Razor Blade Chop Force Tester

The WSL 367 Chop Tester is an extremely compact unit for testing the edge quality of razor blades. It is designed for the shop floor as well as laboratory testing.


  • Micro stepping drive for extremely accurate and consistent test speed.
  • Four selectable pre-set cutting speeds.
  • Minimum cycle time by employing fast approach and fast return of blade.
  • Datum positions stored electronically.
  • Universal blade holder uses edge location – no need to change holder for different blade types.
  • Blade holder is set well clear of paper for ease of loading.
  • Can be used as a stand-alone unit or networked with a central PC (requires RS232 to RS485 converters plus special software).
  • Standard, well-proven Mecmesin advanced force gauge used for measuring cutting forces.
  • Paper advance via manually operated lead screw.

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Power Supply: 220/240V ac 50/60Hz

Load Capacity: 0-10kg

Travel: 20mm maximum

Test Speeds: 1, 2, 5 & 10mm/min.

Dimensions: W 330mm D 360mm H 550mm

Weight: 13Kg

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