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The V6000 sputter system recently advertised ‘for sale’ on our web site has now been purchased by Brunel University, London.

Brunel University are setting up a new Energy Conversion laboratory headed by Prof. Hari Upadhyaya within the Wolfsen Centre, where the V6000 sputter system will be used to deposit metal contact such as Mo, PV materials and TCO layers such as ZnO, ZnO:Al for their research into Photovoltaic materials such as CIGS, CdTe, CdS, DSSC and Perovskites.

This new group will also be researching Thin Film thermoelectrics and it is expected that the V6000 sputter system will be used to deposit materials such as Bismuth Telluride by co-sputtering Bismuth and Tellurium in a Nitrogen reactive gas. Prof. Upadhyaya group intend to integrate the two technologies to produce highly efficient solar cells.


June 2014

Press-releaseSVS have recently completed the manufacture of a bespoke e2000LL loadlock electron beam evaporation and Ion Beam Milling system for The University of Warwick and is located in the Mesoscopic Electronic Engineering Department (MEEC) within a new Class 1000 cleanroom facility. The system will be used for research on narrow band-gap III-V optical and electronic devices and will be used for the formation of ohmic contacts and other metallic structures associated with these semiconductor materials.

Following a competitive tender SVS were awarded this contract because they were the only company that could meet all of the technical requirements requested in the tender.

press-release2The main technical challenge was to design of the substrate stage assembly so that the substrate could be cooled below 50 degrees Celsius under the most aggressive Milling and evaporation processes. This stage also had to provide local rotation up to 50rpm, tilt, wobble and was attached to a robotic arm so that the whole stage could be passed through a loadlock chamber into the process chamber. All four rotary, tilt, wobble and linear motions were controlled automatically via the SVS control software program.


January 2013

06SVS have successfully completed a contract for the design and manufacture of a Production Plasma assisted Chemical Vapour Deposition System for Diamond Like Carbon Coatings (DLC) for Renishaw plc.

In 2010 Renishaw plc acquired a controlling interest in Diameter Ltd based in Brunel University Campus. Renishaw wanted to update the equipment and provide additional capacity to match their production requirements and commissioned SVS to design and build a larger scale coating system. SVS duly set about this task and the system has recently been installed into one of their production facilities in Gloucestershire.

Renishaw intend to use this system to deposit DLC onto components within their range of ‘Touch Trigger Probes’ for precision measurement applications. This system will also be used to conduct research into developing coatings for other applications within the Renishaw group.

December 2011

SVS have recently completed a £1.0 Million Vacuum software control system for a Brand new state of the art Laser facility for a leading research institute based in England.

The laser facility has 10 'long-pulse' (ns) beam-lines, each producing 500J at 351nm (3w) and two powerful chirped-pulse amplification (CPA) arms, producing ~500J in ~0.5ps (1w). It is housed in a huge clean-room within a specially designed building.

The High-tech laser components and systems are at the very edge of current technological limits, including CPA, adaptive optics (AO) and metre-diameter gold-coated diffraction gratings are incorporated in the laser.

This facility comprises 81 High Vacuum pumping volumes, 13 separate control zones and 2 main group controllers. Each separate control zone uses a Rockwell ControlLogix programmable Automation Controller, which are networked together using a fibre optic Ethernet network. Each zone has a local Human Machine Interface, and these, together with the remote PC interfaces provide a very flexible control system. The software control system was solely designed by SVS design engineers and was completed on schedule.



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