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solar cigs moduleCIGS solar cell manufacturing consists of several process steps and these process steps...



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Confocal SputteringSVS offers a wide range of sputtering equipment for production facilities...



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Ion Beam MillingThe ViB 400 - 3000 range of Ion Beam Milling Systems are designed to process a single 3-inch to multiple 8-inch wafers... 


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Scientific Vacuum Systems

Sputter and Electron Beam Evaporation Systems for Research

The V6000 range of con-focal sputter and Electron Beam Evaopration systems have a diverse range of options and features including DC, DC Pulse, HIPIMS & RF sputtering, Multiple electron beam and thermal evaporation sources, full system automation and loadlocking...Find out more

 Sputtering Systems for Production

The V2000 range of magnetron sputtering systems includes the V2000 (side sputter), V2400 (sputter down), V2600 (sputter up), V2800 (loadlock In-line sputter) and V2900 (large area inline sputter). Substrate size capability can range from a single 3 inch Si and GaAs wafers to multiple 1m² panels... Find out more.

Electron Beam & Thermal Evaporation Systems for Production

To complement the SVS range of sputter systems there is the e2000 range of electron beam and thermal evaporation Systems for both R & D and production coating applications... Find out more.


Scientific Vacuum Systems Ltd (SVS) and their research collaborator The Wolfson Centre for Materials Processing, Brunel University are working on a research programme to develop a CIGS solar cell pilot production deposition system and use it to develop the CIGS process to a commercial scale... Find out more.

Inert & Reactive Ion Beam Sputtering Systems

Systems are available in single or dual ion source configurations. In its simplest format, the IBS deposition system is equipped with a single ion source, the beam of which is aimed at a cooled sputtering target. A rotating substrate fixture is provided to intercept the sputtered material. This process has major advantages in its ability to provide very dense, fine grain structured thin films, of both metal and dielectric materials ......Find out more

Inert & Reactive Ion Beam Milling Systems

Our Ion Beam Systems range from R&D through to medium and large scale batch production units, incorporating the latest Ion Source designs and technology.........Find out more


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